We strive to provide the best experience & treat each patient as family.

Rapid Med opened in Highland Village on October 2, 2006, with the goal of delivering the best, most convenient medical care to friends and neighbors. The response to the clinic has been phenomenal. Their extended hours make them more convenient than private practices, and provides greater value than the hospital emergency room. They are dedicated to providing quality care quickly.


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The 411 on Rapid Med

The previous design of Rapid Med was bland, cramped, lacked character, and was not fully responsive for mobile/tablet devices. The client had a lot of information they needed to display, but in a way that didn’t become confusing or overwhelming to their visitors.

The goal behind the redesign of the site was to create a vibrant, professional design with a cleaner layout and better established hierarchy. I introduced iconography to break up the content, as well as to distinguish various sections from each other. I revamped the services section to clearly highlight the options available, and added more whitespace overall for ease of focus.

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