We are YATTA.

Started in 2015, Yatta-Tachi is quickly becoming a leading source for Japanese culture editorials and reviews. The site is run by several volunteer staff from around the world, including all over the United States, Spain and the Netherlands.


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The 411 on Yatta-Tachi

Yatta-Tachi is a personal project of mine which I began and have run since May 2015. For the first year anniversary, Chris Brailsford and I sat down and put our expertise to the test to revamp this site. Yatta-Tachi was originally established using a purchased theme, but it lacked the flair, speed and features that the site sorely needed. The site underwent a complete overhaul and was also migrated to a new hosting server.

  • Project completed: June 2016
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • Increase of Page Speed
  • Enhanced Commenting System
  • Better Readability
  • Increased Accessibility
  • More Detailed Explanation
  • Collaborated with Chris Brailsford
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